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The National Enquirer has nominated its stories on John Edwards' affair (and "love child") for a Pulitzer Prize in investigative reporting. These stories did, indeed, break a significant national story that other news media not only missed but essentially refused to believe. Though the Enquirer's stories were written with the breathless melodrama typical of the newspaper tabloid genre, and appeared on pages next to trash celebrity gossip and whatnot, the newspaper got it all, and got it all right.

Should the Enquirer be seriously considered for the Pulitzer? Choose whichever answer best summarizes your position.
A key factor in journalists' disdain for The Enquirer is the issue of paying sources. They do this regularly, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, for tips, photographs, etc. What do you think of this practice? Choose the answer that best summarizes your position.
In The Washington Post and other online news sources, should people who file comments to online stories be required to identify themselves?
Okay, how about participation in chats such as this one? Should you have to identify yourself by name?
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