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The Cake & Cookie Closet - Facebook Fan Page Survey
What is your specialty? (Select all that apply)
Regular Cakes (use buttercream)
Regular Cakes (use fondant)
Regular Cakes (use buttercream & fondant)
Wedding Cakes (use buttercream)
Wedding Cakes (use fondant)
Wedding Cakes (use buttercream & fondant)
Custom, sculpted cakes
Sugar cookies (use royal icing)
Sugar cookies (use fondant)
Sugar cookies (use royal icing & fondant)
Molded Chocolates
Don't decorate cakes - just bake
Don't bake at all - just like looking

What is your cake or cookie decorating experience? (Select all that apply)
Beginner decorator (still new to the decorating world and learning techniques)
Intermediate decorator (Has learned and mastered simple techniques and ready to learn more advanced techniques.)
Advanced decorator (Mastered techniques, won high level competitions and are teaching others or running a business.)
Expert Decorator (You know everything there is to know about cake decorating.)
Self-taught, no classes
Wilton method classes
Other class taught at cake store/school
Culinary School
youTube videos
Videos sold by cake decorators/companies
Classes with celebrity cake designers

What are your favorite parts of this fan page? (select all that apply)
New product focus
Comments made by other members
Status Updates

Use the comment box to let us know what you would like to see changed on this fan page?
What cake or cookie ideas or techniques do you want The Cake & Cookie Closet to focus on next? What price would you willing to pay to get this information? In what format - book, booklet or 1-subject quick tips (and 10 pictures with instructions) mini-booklet format?
Have you seen The Cake & Cookie Closet Newsletter? If so, what would you like to have added to it or removed from it?
If products featured in The Cake & Cookie Closet book/booklet were available for purchase through the Shop Now tab or website, would you purchase them with a fan discount? Which ones would you purchase? (Select all that apply)
1-page Quick Tips Sheet
1 Subject booklet (like one with all Miniature Hats or all Wedding Cookies)
Cookie Cutters
Gumpaste tools
Impression Mats
Flower Cutters
Rubber Stamps
Wilton Pattern Press Sets
Luster Dust
Paint Brushes

Would you prefer to purchase products off the Shop Now tab on the fan page, the blog or The Cake & Cookie Closet website?
Shop Now tab on fan page
The Cake & Cookie Closet Blog
The Cake & Cookie Closet website
All of these depending on what products are offered.
What product suggestions would you like to make here? For example, are you looking for something that makes your life easier and cannot find it?
Please feel free to add anything else here you think The Cake & Cookie Closet should do to improve the fan page and get more exposure?
The Cake & Cookie Closet - Facebook Fan Page Survey (June 2010)
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