Aviation Consumer Cylinder Satisfaction Survey

Thanks for clicking into our cylinder survey. The results of this survey will be published in the November 2015 issue of Aviation Consumer.

We're interested in knowing about your experiences with aircraft cylinders to include factory new, PMA cylinders from Superior and ECI and used or reconditioned cylinders. For this survey, we're interested only in Lycoming or Continental engines, not Rotax or experimental engines. Lycoming or Continental engines used in experimentals are fair game, however.

The answers you give here are confidential and will be shared with no one but the Aviation Consumer staff.
Which statement applies to you? In other words, for this survey, to what type of airplane does the information you're providing apply?
I own or fly a certified airplane.
I own or fly an experimental airplane.
I own or fly a light sport airplane.

Which of these statements applies?
I fly a factory-new airplane. (Factory new means the airplane is on its first set of cylinders since new.) I fly an older airplane, but it has a factory new engine. I fly an older airplane, but it has an overhauled engine, either by a field shop or the factory.
If the engine is factory new, how many hours has it flown?
Doesn't apply to me
0 to 100
More than 1000
Exact hours, if you know

If the engine is field or factory overhauled, how many hours has it flown?
Doesn't apply to me
0 to 100
More than 1000
Exact hours, if you know
Approximately how long ago--in calendar time--was the engine new or when was it last overhauled?
About how many hours a year do you fly?
Under 50
50 to 100
100 to 150
More than 150
Regardless of whether the engine is new or overhauled, what type of cylinders are on it?
Lycoming factory cylinders
Continental factory cylinders
ECI cylinders
Superior cylinders
Overhauled cylinders
If you answered either Superior or ECI, what model cylinders do you have. (If you know.)
If you answered ECI above, were your cylinders treated with CermiNil or Nickle+Carbide?
Regardless of the type of cylinder you have, have you experienced any of the following? Pick any that apply.
Premature loss of compression
Cracking of any kind
Excess valve guide wear
Higher-than-expected oil consumption
The need to remove a cylinder for any reason
If you experienced any problems, were they covered under warranty?
I didn't have any problems.
Why did you buy the cylinders you have now?
Reputation of the supplier
Perceived durability
They were on the airplane when I got it
Engine shop or mechanic recommendation

How would your rate your satisfaction with the cylinders you have?
Couldn't be happier
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
If you had it all to do over again, how likely would you be to buy the cylinders you have or recommend them to a friend?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
Finally, use this space or any general comments you'd like to make:
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Daytime Telephone #:
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