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South Dakota Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory
Thank you for participating in our Customer Satisfaction Survey. As a highly valued customer, your input is very important to us as we strive to continuously improve the quality of our service. Complete this form as often as you desire.

Demographic Information
Which best describes your practice?
Large Animal
Small Animal
Large & Small Animal
Swine Only
Dairy Only

How often do you use our service?
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Please rate your experience with our diagnostic service
If you would like to evaluate the lab in general, please check all sections that you routinely use. To evaluate a particular section, please check only one.
Molecular Diagnostics
Clinical Pathology
General Pathology including Histochemistry/IHC
Food Safety

Laboratory Services
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
Submission forms are logical and easy to complete
Employees are helpful and courteous
Reports are provided in a timely manner
Reports are clear and easy to understand
The information provided in the report is useful for my practice
Availability of results via the Internet is useful
Fees are reasonable
My concerns are addressed satisfactorily and promptly
The User's Guide and newsletter are helpful
Overall I'm satisfied with the lab/section service
List any additional comments about your experience with our diagnostic service. (Please include your name and phone number if you wish to be contacted)
**Hot Topics**
1. Are there any services that the ADRDL does not offer that your clinic would desire?
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