hA Client Feedback Survey

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how do you feel about the slide show that is playing on the TV?
Please Rate:
what is your age?
how do you identify?
how did you hear about headspace Armadale?
what services at headspace Armadale did you like most? (tick all that apply)
which services do you think we could most improve on? (tick all that apply )
would you recommend headspace Armadale to a friend or family member?
why/ why not?
how satisfied were you with the following at headspace Armadale?
how do feel about the layout/ style of the counselling rooms?
how do you feel about the layout/ style of the waiting room?
how would you rate the following spaces?
Waiting Room
Counselling Rooms
Information Wall
regarding the above spaces, what would you change about them?
what other activities would you like to see at headspace Armadale?
any other activity suggestions?
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