West Coast Express (WCE) Expansion Survey
The West Coast Express (WCE) commuter train started operation on Nov 1, 1995. Since that date, not much has changed. 
While the population of Tri-Cities has grown from 170,000 in 1996 to 243,658 in 2021 with a projected population of 400,000 in 2050 and the combined population of Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley is now nearly three million people, the WCE continues to be a unidirectional commuter service running Monday to Friday in rush hour only. 
The rapidly expanding population of communities served by the WCE deserves a much needed and long overdue expansion.
The WCE Expansion Association (www.wceea.ca) would like to invite you to take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us push forward the WCE expansion.

1.      Should the WCE service be expanded?
2.      Should the WCE run with more frequency?
3.      Should the WCE run during weekends and on public holidays?
4.      Should the WCE run bidirectionally?
5.      Will you choose to use WCE more if it becomes part of rapid transit?
6.      Should the WCE add the following stations? (Multiple choices allowed)
7.      What benefits do you think will result from the WCE expansion? (Multiple choices allowed)
8.      Which city do you reside in?
9.      Would you like to see a Pilot WCE Expansion service from Port Coquitlam to Vancouver with extended service hours during weekdays and bidirectional service during weekends and public holidays?
10.     We are organizing a public awareness event on the WCE service expansion at the WCE Coquitlam Central Station at 11AM on September 10, 2022. Will you join us?
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