Non-Formal Water Educators Survey

The purpose of this survey is to develop An Fóram’s understanding of the non-formal water education sector across Ireland. 
The results are intended to identify where:
1.  there are gaps in water education provision; 
2. where and what type of supports may be required to address such deficits
3. explore the potential to establish a network of providers that could facilitate information sharing and 
4. potentially the development of future collaborations to raise awareness of the value of water.

In this context, ‘Water’ Education -  could cover a range of topics such as: water management, river catchments (lakes, rivers, groundwater, wells,  coastal waters, shorelines and wetlands) water chemistry, aquatic biodiversity, water ecology and habitats, aquatic food chains, invasive species, protection and restoration of waters, citizen science, how people use water, water heritage and water treatment and conservation.
                                    Please complete the survey by September 30th
                                                         It takes 3 minutes
                                     Please share with colleagues or associates

An Fóram Uisce I The Water Forum was established in June 2018 in accordance with the provisions of the Water Services Act 2017. An Fóram is the only statutory body representative of all stakeholders with an interest in the quality of Ireland’s water bodies. An Fóram consists of 26 members representing a wide range of organisations with direct connections to issues relating to water quality and also public water consumers. Approximately 50 different organisations were involved in the nomination of members.
A primary objective of the Forum’s works is to lead a public awareness and education programme on the value of water.

The survey is anonymous, if however, you are interested in participating in a network of providers to share resources and get feedback from this survey, please do contact An Fóram Uisce by email using:
non-formal educator in the email subject title                  To gretta@nationalwaterforum.ie
GDPR Compliance: Please note in doing so you are giving us permission to contact you with water-related information in the future, we will not share your contact details.     
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