GVFFS Folktoria 2023

How did you hear about the Greater Victoria Folk Festival Society's Folktoria?
Did you plan your attendance at Folktoria?
How long did you spend at Folktoria? 
Which day(s) did you come to Folktoria? 
Was the duration of Folktoria:
Were you a participant/support person at Folktoria 2023?
How important is Folktoria to promoting cultural diversity in Greater Victoria?
Comments re: Folktoria and cultural diversity in Greater Victoria
How would you rate performances overall at Folktoria?
How would you rate performances overall at Folktoria?
Were there any Folktoria 2023 performances you particularly enjoyed?
Do you have any other comments about Folktoria 2023 performances?
Did you visit any of the food trucks?
How important were these factors in your experience of eating at the Folktoria 2023 food trucks. 
Very Unimportant
Somewhat Unimportant
Somewhat Important
Very Important
Cuisine selection
Quality of food
Quality of service
Access to tables and chairs
Access to waste/recycling stations
Comments/Suggestions regarding food at Folktoria 2023
Comments/Suggestions regarding waste/recycling management at Folktoria 2023
Did you visit any of the vendor/information/sponsor tables in Centennial Square?
If you did visit the vendor/information/sponsor tables in Centennial Square which one(s) stood out?
Comments/Suggestions regarding vendor/information/sponsor tables at Folktoria
Do you live in Greater Victoria? 
Please tell us where you are from if you were visiting Victoria when you attended Folktoria.
Would you like information on: 
If you would like more information please provide us with your contact information. Please Note: We never share contact information with anyone and do not send unsolicited emails/phone calls. 
Do you have any more comments or suggestions?
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