AC820 Non-ED TS4 Application
Exit Survey
The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) accredits emergency departments as training providers for Emergency Medicine Specialists in Australia or New Zealand. Training providers are described as Sites in this application.

As part of the implementation process of the new accreditation structure in 2022, any site wishing to be accredited for Training Stage Four (TS4) is required to complete this application.

Applications that are not fully completed will be returned to the Site for completion and the accreditation process will not proceed until fully completed.

Before proceeding with completing this application, please review the following documents which can be found on our website:
Once you have completed this application, please submit it via the submit button at the end of the survey.
Please note this is the application for Non-ED TS4 accreditation. (Please use the AC819 ED TS4 application for ED.)

All applications will be processed at the end of every calendar month and sites will be notified of the outcome when the application has been assessed.

Please contact the accreditation team via if you have any questions.