Earthli 2021 Questionnaire


Thank you so much for answering our questionnaire!

Earthli is a clean-tech startup based in Australia, and as part of our global mission we'd love to hear how you feel about 2 simple topics: growing food, and composting :)

We have 4 short questions, and as a small thank you, we'd love to gift you a unique, 1of1 digital artwork that is authenticated and stored on a sustainable blockchain! (In case you've already heard, these are more commonly known as NFTs.)

As a token of our mission at Earthli, we have launched our very own Genesis Collection of 10,000 unique and rare NFTs, called No Planet B —and we're giving the first 500 respondents of this survey one to celebrate!! 
(Instructions on being whitelisted to mint your FREE No Planet B NFT at our launch is included at the end!)

To find out more about Earthli's mission visit
and to learn more about No Planet B visit

NOTE: All information collected will be treated confidentially and recorded anonymously; 
No Planet B NFT is deployed on Polygon (L2) Ethereum network, a sustainable blockchain with tiny gas/transaction fees. Transaction fee can be expected to be around 0.0008 MATIC (less than USD $0.00)
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