Patient Feedback Survey

How would you assess your primary care experience at Noreta Family Medicine?
Not at all
Noreta makes it easy for me to get care.
Noreta is able to provide most of my care.
I can book appointment times that are convenient for me.
Noreta's location is convenient for me to access.
My appointment times start and finish on time.
I am satisfied with my last office visit.
The office setup is clean, comfortable, and professional.
Noreta's team is friendly and respectful.
I have enough time in my visits with Dr. Boylan.
Dr. Boylan can answer all of my health questions.
Not at all
Dr. Boylan listens well to all of my needs.
Dr. Boylan does a good job explaining my treatment plans.
I trust Dr. Boylan with decisions about my care.
Dr. Boylan is helpful in following up with my care.
Dr. Boylan has been helpful with my referrals when needed.
Over time, Noreta helps me stay healthier than I would be without them.
I would recommend Noreta to others.
What do you appreciate most about your experience with Noreta and Dr. Boylan?
What could Noreta & Dr. Boylan add or improve upon that would benefit your care and overall health?
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