Confidence Slayers

1.     Are you dismissive of the ideas of employees or colleagues not in your inner circle?
2.     Would you classify yourself as an over-talker?
3.     Do you tend to present your unfavored direct reports’ ideas as your own (idea confiscator)?
4.     Is your immediate response, “No,” when ideas are presented by your direct reports?
5.     Do you stifle creativity among your team members, seeing the roadblocks as opposed to the end goal?
6.     Do you have favorites and tend to ignore other employees?
7.     Do you take pleasure in people “managing up to you” and agreeing with you often?
8.     Do you talk down to people or respond curtly when you reflect on your communication style?
9.     Do you adjust your behavior to appear more senior when interacting with your employees, especially in the presence of other senior leaders?
10.     Would you agree that you shift the blame when mistakes are made, saying, “They did it wrong and made a mistake” as opposed to, “We made a mistake,” taking leadership-ownership?
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